Pretty Team 21 FAQ



Being a part of the Pretty Faces By Sasha Senior Model Team is a lot of fun! Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you decide if applying for the Model Team is right for you.

What does a Model Team Member do?

Model Team Members are THE FACE of Pretty Faces By Sasha! They get to participate in additional photo shoots that have fun themes. These images are then used for marketing purposes all across Pretty Faces By Sasha’s social media and website. The best thing about this is that Senior Models will get all the edited images from these shoots, in addition to the images from their “regular” senior shoot! Models must be comfortable sharing about their experience with their peers. They will be asked to post images from their shoots on social media. Model Team Members must be a positive role model both in and outside of the class. Model Team members also help with the Application process of the following Model Team.

How much does it cost to be on the Model Team?

The $750 investment is the same as or less than a “regular” paying Senior Client! This fee is divided into two payments. The first at the initial acceptance onto the Team and the balance at their regularly schedule Senior shoot. The best part is, you get all the special treatment that a Senior Client does, PLUS all the extras like: professional makeup application, use of the Pretty Faces Style Closet for photo shoots (and personal use - just ask my previous model teams!), additional themed photo shoots (some shoots we’ve done in the past: Snow Queen, Bohemian, Fall Harvest, Prom and Homecoming, etc), potential represent clothing boutiques

How long will I be considered a Member of the Team?

The Senior Model is under Contract for one full year, from Fall of their Junior Year to Fall of their Senior Year. This means they may not represent another professional photographer during this time and may only promote Pretty Faces By Sasha.

How many applicants do you receive?

Each year, Pretty Faces has been blessed to watch their application numbers grow! What started out as 10-15 applications has now well surpassed 50 each year! We receive applications from many area high schools. If you attend a high school a bit further away then Chambersburg, don’t be discouraged! We would love to have you help us spread the word that Pretty Faces is where it is AT!

How many Models do you take on your Team?

One of the best things about this job is cultivating a relationship with our Senior Models. They become family with us and with each other. Over the years, we have loved watching strangers become best friends. Due to this focus, we are planning to keep the numbers very low this year, to around 4-5 Models. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU from applying! We like to spread the love and use applicants in other adventures and photo shoots. There is value and worth in EVERY SINGLE one of you. We see that. If you aren’t placed on the Team, we would still love to be your photographer. As a thank you for taking the time to apply, and hiring us as your Senior Photographer, you will receive some extra “goodies” at your shoot.

What are you looking for in your Team Members?

First and most importantly, they must be POSITIVE. We love it when our Models encourage each other, laugh and enjoy time together. We love smiles! We also love confidence in front of the camera, personal style and a desire to promote confidence in others. We are also looking for poised young women who can represent other businesses effectively. We may have more opportunities for shoots featuring local boutiques, so being professional and open to the clients’ needs is important.

What are you NOT looking for in your Team Members?

Negative behaviors. Bad attitudes. Lack of Teamwork. Lack of excitement for Model Team shoots and get-togethers. Lack of communication with us and the Team. Luckily we’ve never had to experience that before but we want to be upfront with our expectations so everyone is on the same page.

How will we find out if we made the Team or not?

Due to the number of Applicants, you will be notified either by email, call or text. Announcements will be made by November 30, 2019.

What are the requirements to Apply?

You must receive permission from a parent or guardian to apply. Your application must be fully completed and submitted within the time frame (Date will be announced here and on Instagram). A headshot, full length shot and shot that shows your personal style must be submitted via email or text. 717.977.7246 or prettyfacesbysasha@hotmail.com

Apply today!