About Me

My family - taken by my beautiful and talented friend, Liz, from It's Still Life by Liz Willson.

My family - taken by my beautiful and talented friend, Liz, from It's Still Life by Liz Willson.

who is pretty faces by sasha?

  • Sasha Coleman Arnett:  I hit 40 and am choosing to (try to) find joy in the everyday

  • A Wife to Jeremy:  he's a pretty cool and brave Federal Police Officer and Army National Guard Reserve Captain.  He's cute too.  I'm partial, I admit it

  • A Mother to two crazy and creative kiddos:  Lo & Ro.  I love those kids

  • A Believer in God:  He's my grounding force and inspiration to soar

  • A Photographer:  I have been a "legit" Photographer (like my choice of words?) since August of 2013. Yes, it's not that long, but I am overjoyed with the outpouring of support, encouragement and business that I have seen these past months.  Thank you, peeps!

  • A Makeup Artist:  I've been doing makeup for almost 13 years now.  I've worked for Clinique & Bobbi Brown Cosmetics at Nordstrom & Macy's in Washington, D.C., as well as a Freelance Artist for Trend Shows, Fashion Shows and Book Signings.  Photo sessions and weddings are some of my favorite gigs

  • A Teacher:  Cork & Canvas Painting Classes at Chambersburg's Council for the Arts

  • A Student of the Arts:  BAA in Art (Drawing)  Art History Minor (Greek Art & Architecture); MA in Art (Painting) at Central Michigan University.  GO, Fire Up, CHIPS!

  • A Lover of Art:  photography, painting, drawing, music, piano, the list never ends

  • A Visual Merchandiser:  I dressed mannequins and created holiday displays for Macy's in Washington, D.C.  Yes, it really was fun and sometimes glamorous; but let's keep it real:  it involved a ton of folding, hanging, steaming, and more folding

  • A Lover of Cooking and Baking:  I have come a LONG way on this people.  Ask my husband, he'll tell you

  •  A Curious Soul:  I truly believe that is the only way to grow and learn and to become better at what you are passionate about.  If there is no curiosity about how things work, how to create, about life . . . things can get pretty boring quick